Animals from all over the world

Animal Park can help you with the import of animals you need to supplement your livestocks.
We arrange all the export documents, air transport and quarantine if it is needed (for example for birds – we have our own authorized quarantine in the Czech Republic, which is approved for import of birds from third countries).
Only thing you will have to do is to choose animals you want (but we can help with that also) and ensure license from veterinary authorities in your country.

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Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and more

Do not hesitate to ask us about any animals you are interested in.
Mammals from Indonesia for zoos
Sandy cats – domesticated hybrid of the wild cat.


Import of birds into the European Union is banned since 2005 because of bird flu.
EU legislation allows exceptions for zoos (individual exemption may be granted by the relevant state veterinary authority).
Private breeders can import only birds from approved breeders from some countries in the world.
from Zoopark Zajezd

Spring/2016 – Import of tanagers for our zoological garden Zoopark Zájezd.