Imports of birds into the European Union is banned since 2005 because of bird flu.
EU legislation allows exceptions for zoos – individual exemption may be granted by the relevant state veterinary authority in the state of the zoo. Hobby breeders can import only birds from approved breeders from some countries in the world.

We can help you with the import of birds you need to supplement your livestocks.
We arrange all the export documents, air transport and quarantine in our authorized quarantine in the Czech Republic, which is approved for import of birds from third countries.

Here you can find lists of species of birds we have currently for sale. If you are interested in our offer, of if you did not find the species you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us –

Offer of Tanagers – Captive bred in Zoopark Zajezd

Dacnis lineataBlack-faced DacnisMaskenpitpitpitpit škraboškový4;2;0
Cyanerpes cyaneusRed-legged HoneycreeperTürkisnaschvogelkvětomil modrý4;3;2
Thraupis episcopusBlue-grey TanagerBischofstangaretangara modrá1;0;0
Tersina viridisSwallow TanagerSchwalbentangaretangara vlaštovčí1;0;0
Tangara veliaOpal-rumped TanagerRotbauchtangaretangara opálová0;2;0
Tangara mexicanaTurquoise TanagerTürkistangaretangara tyrkysová3;3;0
Tangara cayanaBurnished-buff TanagerIsabelltangaretangara plavá4;4;2
Dacnis cayanaBlue Dacnis Blaukopfpitpitpitpit modrý0;1;1

How did we import Tangaras for our zoo Zoopark Zájezd in 2016.

Now we are working on an import of these birds to our zoological garden. We will let you know, how successful it is.